Instructions to authors

Instruction to Authors:

Manuscript must be written on A-4 size paper with 2.54 cm. or 1 inch margin all around, with 12 font size (times new roman), single spaced in English and should be submitted via email at or through our submission portal together with covering letter from corresponding author as a file saved in Ms Word (.doc). Before submitting spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and spacing should be properly checked.

Journal Of Technical Reports in Engineering and Applied Science aim to publish evidence based scientific research articles from various disciplines of science and technology. The journals welcome articles of general interest to the researchers, academicians and students.

Please submit a single word (.doc/ .dox) version of your manuscript that include all tables and figures at appropriate location. All pages should be numbered consecutively starting form title page. The file name should include the name of corresponding author and a keyword from the title of your manuscript.

Manuscript should be in following sequence:

•       Title page

•       Abstract

•       Keywords

•       Introduction

•       Materials and Methods

•       Results and Discussion

•       Acknowledgement

•       References

Title page: Title page should contain the title of the article, names of all authors, their institutional affiliations. The name of corresponding author should be clearly marked by (*) and his/her full postal address with city, zip code and country, telephone number, fax number and email address should be clearly mentioned.

Abstract: Abstract should be concise not more than 200 words describing purpose, methods, important results and derived conclusion of the study.

Keywords: 3 to 5 keywords characterizing the scope of the article and central aspect of the work.

Introduction: The introduction should clearly indicate the aim of the study and essential back ground information. The specific problems that the author particularly likes to solve during investigation should also be stated. Unnecessary and undue explanation makes the introduction cumbersome.

Materials and Methods: The explanation of the experimental methods should be concise and sufficient for repetition by other investigators. Procedures that have been published previously should not be described in detail. Sources and grades of chemicals and materials, and make of equipment used during investigation should be indicated. Methods of statistical analysis should be described. Tables and figures should be cited at methodology and findings and should be placed at proper locations.

Tables and figures: All the tables and figures should be numbered consecutively and titled suitably that can explain the content and nature of the table and figures. All the tables and figures should be placed at proper place where it needs for proper understanding.

Results and Discussion: It should contain the scientific interpretation of findings and justifications of investigation. It should also include the key conclusion drawn from results and its contribution to society.

Acknowledgement: All persons/organizations that have made substantial contributions but are not eligible as author should be included in acknowledgement.

References: References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are cited in the text. Cite the reference number in the text by the appropriate Arabic number as super script format e.g. text1. Reference should follow the following style:

For Journal:

Park MS, Folch AS, Lee MS and Kim K, Physical activity and physical fitness of predictors

of Chinese men. J. Korean Tech. Sci., 2010, 28(1): 315-18.

For Book:

Ronald KC, Gordon WC, George KL, Alan JM, Alan MC and Smith R, Joslin's Diabetes Mellitus, 13th edi., B.I. Waverly Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1994, 193-265.

For Web site:

WHO,           WHO           Statistical            Information           System,           available           at (accessed on 7 May 2011).